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Yamaha C2X Grand 5′ 8″- Just Arrived!


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The  new Yamaha C2 x grand piano has just arrived and is available for you to view and play at our showroom – 242 Harolds Cross Road, Dublin 6w.

It is from the ongoing search for perfection that traditions emerge. For almost half a century, Yamaha’s world-renowned C2X grand pianos have evolved through a gradual process of refinement. The CFX full concert grand piano was built on this knowledge, techniques, and experience.  Craftsmen poured everything they knew into the creation of an instrument that took bold new steps in piano design. The C2X extends this work further, providing a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form.

Yamaha devotes so much time voicing their pianos so that the intentions of the pianist are conveyed to the strings. In regulation, a craftsman adjusts the movement of the action so that it accurately transmits every nuance of the pianist’s touch. In voicing, the hammers, which cause the strings to emit sound, are pricked with a pick to create a balanced tone that will respond beautifully when played.  The C2X grand are specifically designed for advanced piano playing and built to withstand the rigours of professional piano performance.

The Yamaha C2X measures 5 foot 8 inches in length, ensuring a deep resonant tone that has warmth and clarity. The action has a light to medium touch and feels especially quick under the fingers, allowing for fast, intricate music to be played with ease.

Dimensions:  Length 5′ 8 ” x  Width 59″  x  Height 40″

Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

For more information on this piano call us or drop into our showroom 242 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6w and we will be happy to help.

+353 1 4967460



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