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STEINHOVEN SG160 BABY GRAND 5′ 3″ – Click to listen!
January 21, 2021
January 21, 2021
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STEINHOVEN SG183 GRAND 6′ – Click to listen!

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The Steinhoven SG183 grand piano in Polished Ebony has been designed primarily for performance. Built to suit homes, big halls, theatres and music schools. Providing volume needed by both conductors and performers, giving a deep, resonant sound. Their classic styling and careful craftsmanship make them an elegant accent to any decor.

Built to the highest standards to assure lasting value. All fittings, including brass pedals and casters, are engineered for both beauty and functionality, with special protective features like soft-close fall boards. The end results are instruments at the peak of their musical potential that will provide generations of pleasure to their new owners.

The contemporary style and design of the Steinhoven SG183 have undergone extensive improvements to perfect the piano’s performance. Its graceful design and timeless qualities are all you would expect in this fine, truly impressive piano.

A quality instrument of choice among professionals for its outstanding performance.

The beauty and harmony of them will enhance any home. Solid wood construction , iron cast frame , high quality strings, action and brass fittings brings them to the highest standard.

All Steinhoven Grand Pianos are built to the highest quality with the greatest attention to detail made throughout. They are all available at very competitive prices.

Dimension:  Length 6′ (183cm)


  • Designed to fit into limited spaces
  • Constructed to the highest standards
  • Offers tonal quality, touch, durability and value for money
  • A quality instrument of choice among professionals and music schools for its outstanding performance


  • 100% German wool hammer felt.
  • Spruce soundboard.
  • German Roslau piano strings – considered to be the best material for strings.
  • Soft closing fallboard for finger protection.
  • Smooth clean lines and stylish leg design.
  • Well secured lid prop.
  • Graceful rounded edge design.
  • Elegant yet sturdy leg design.
  • Easy to move with swivel castors.

Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

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