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April 19, 2020
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Ritmuller RSH 121


A stunning upright piano with a grand-style music desk that offers a beautiful resonant tone and lovely touch.  Suitable for all level of players where you can pass many a pleasant hour perfecting your keyboard playing. Its design makes it blend superbly with modern furnishings.

Developed by Ritmuller European design team with high-quality components, Ritmüller Superior provides those who have high demands regarding acoustic performance and playability, the sound and tuning stability Ritmüller is famous for.

The European style streamline key-fall lid and chrome double castors, hinges and pedals all convey a contemporary style for this compact traditional instrument.

Upright Style – Grand Emotion

Engineered motion for excellent action repetition.  Grand piano feel with enlarged cabinet, wide eye level music rest, vertically open key fall reflecting a pianist’s hands.  High level specification including new engineered tapered solid spruce soundboard, solid bass bridge, new design high tension sand-cast iron frame, mahogany hammer core, German premium hammer felts, ebony sharp keys, soft close fall, UV-polyester cabinet and luxury chrome fittings.

Colour:  Polished Black Ebony with chrome hardware

Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

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Ritmüller takes pride in using state-of-the-art kilns to dry our woods. However, there is much more to “seasoning” woods than that. Both before and after the kiln drying, woods are expertly cured to specific moisture contents, which reduces the natural tendency for wood to swell and contract with humidity fluctuation. With over 8,000 moving parts, a piano’s woods must be “seasoned” to ensure reliability wherever the piano ends up living!


  • Action: Manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship. All wood parts are made from hard maple and precisely produced by advanced CNC digital machinery to ensure even touch. Pearl River Action.
  • Action Rail: Extruded aluminium. Back posts: Spruce. Bridges: Vertically laminated with solid maple cap creating the accurate and precise transfer of sound frequency vibration resulting in a purer tone.
  • Fallboard: Slow close style. Hardware: Brass. Hammers: Specially selected hammer felt, with an excellent balance of elasticity and firmness, formed to produce a rich assertive tone.
  • Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce. Key Material: Premium Spruce, select straight grain with genuine ebony wood sharps. Middle Pedal: Practice.
  • Pin block: 17 cross-plied laminations of hard rock maple, cold pressed and age cured to provide tuning pin stability. Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed.
  • Soundboard: All spruce, core assembled with vertical grain, crafted to provide maximum tonal response and structural integrity.
  • Strings: German wire.
  • Tuning Pins: Steel, cut thread, nickel plated to prevent rusting and maintain pin position.


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