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April 27, 2020
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May 2, 2020
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PETROF P125 – Click to listen! POA


Arriving 20th October 2021.

PETROF Model P125  a stunning new upright piano in a high gloss, black finish has just arrived in our showroom. Directly from it’s factory in the heart of Europe, The Czech Republic where work specialists of the highest rank who respect traditional work by hand and the characteristic tone colour of PETROF pianos as well as their splendid design.

The P 125 F1 upright is a very popular model with great musical versatility. Suits all level of players, though when you sound its strings and allow its rounded and gentle tone to resonate, you will delight the guests at any venue. The F1’s cabinet with squared edges combines both classical and modern design, which fits in with any home interior.

PETROF maintain that our upright and grand pianos should delight not just the ear, but also the eye.

Price on Application


  • Depth – 59 cm
  • Height – 125 cm
  • Width – 146 cm
Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

Call our showroom today for more information. +353 1 4967460

“During the production process individual components and entire pianos undergo several kinds of quality control. The final, exit control is carried out just before the piano is wrapped and dispatched. We wrap the pianos in several layers of wrapping material to ensure that however long the journey may be to your homes or concert halls, they cannot be damaged mechanically or by damp in the environment.” By Susan Petrof


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