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PETROF Grand 6′ 3″ European Grand Piano

13,995.00 12,995.00


The Petrof 6′ 3″ model is the perfect size grand piano.  It is rare to come by a pre-owned Petrof whether it is a grand or an upright due to their hand built superiority and uniqueness, they are always sought after.  Precision Pianos are the Sole Agents in Ireland for the European Brand Petrof.

The Petrof Grand Piano imprints a deep emotional experience within the pianist, and in the hearts of the listeners, that often cannot be put into words.  It is popular with a demanding clientele and colleges of music, as well as for musical performances at smaller halls and in homes.

Petrof, is a world renowned European brand that has a completely individual approach towards the building of a grand piano, which enables devotion of the greatest care to each one.  Hand built with perfection in Europe by the Petrof family, they produce instruments that despite their size simulate in both pianist and listener alike the emotions and atmosphere of a large concert hall.  This instrument is distinguished not only by it’s sound properties, but also by the fact that one can select a piano that perfectly suits the interior home or hall for which it is intended.

Dimensions: Length 6 foot 3 inches

Colour:  Black Polished Ebony Casing with brass hardware

Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery. We offer a complimentary tuning post delivery with this piano.

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Further PETROF Information:

Susan Petrof  is a representative of the fifth generation of the Petrof family and is currently the head of the PETROF company. She is a very successful and respected manager not only within this branch of industry. In the course of her work at PETROF, she has gained many awards, particularly for her managerial skills. Among these is the honorary title MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2014, and she regularly appears in FORBES magazine’s list of the most influential women in the Czech Republic.

Susan Petrof has successfully continued the tradition of her predecessors and as a reward, her company is today the largest producer of acoustic pianos in Europe and has many significant awards to its credit.


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