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February 17, 2022
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PETROF 131 M1 – Click to listen!

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The stunning brand new 131 cm available to view at our showroom!

Meet the second tallest upright in the highest series of the PETROF brand and one of the most superior in the upright series, which boasts the greatest sound potential.

Instruments of this height range are the tallest upright pianos of concert type, and have a surprisingly powerful yet gentle tone that will transport you to the concert hall. We have proved many times that thanks to their quality these models can gratify even the most discerning musician. They glow with energy and with that characteristic romantic tone that is continually being perfected by our technology. This is a further cause for us to celebrate the growing popularity of PETROF uprights in the world.

Because of the power and colour of its tone, we also place the P 131 M1 among the concert instruments of the Highest Series. This piano places no limits on the musicians’ art, creating generous space for their self-fulfilment. This piano is remarkable for the modern, simplified design of its cabinet, making it an ideal addition to many music schools and larger interiors.

PETROF maintain that our upright and grand pianos should delight not just the ear, but also the eye.


  • Depth – 60 cm
  • Height – 131 cm
  • Width – 145 cm
Price includes a 10 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

Call our showroom today for more information. +353 1 4967460

“During the production process individual components and entire pianos undergo several kinds of quality control. The final, exit control is carried out just before the piano is wrapped and dispatched. We wrap the pianos in several layers of wrapping material to ensure that however long the journey may be to your homes or concert halls, they cannot be damaged mechanically or by damp in the environment.” By Susan Petrof


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