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Knight Upright – SOLD 19/06/2023

3,395.00 2,995.00


Knight pianos are considered one of the best pianos manufactured in London, England.  Alfred Knight, Ltd. was a piano manufacturing company founded by Alfred E. Knight in 1936 in England. Knight was a highly respected manufacturer, and were the only make of piano in Steinway Hall alongside Steinway’s own pianos.  They are a popular choice among professional pianists, educational institutions and beginners alike due to their tone, build quality, strength and durability. A smaller upright finished in a beautiful polished mahogony casing and measures 140cm in width, this piano is perfectly suited to the smaller room where space may be limited.

Tuned to concert pitch. Practice pedal. Rich acoustic tone and nicely weighted keys. 

Price includes a 5 year written warranty, FREE adjustable stool, FREE nationwide ground floor delivery and FREE tuning prior to delivery.

Dimensions: Height: 110cm, Width: 140cm, Depth: 54cm

Each of our pre-owned pianos are carefully and personally selected by us from a privately owned environment. This means our pianos are never from a school background.

For more information on this piano call us or drop into our showroom 242 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6w and we will be happy to help.

+353 1 4967460

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