Precision Pianos is an established family run business based in South Dublin having re-located from Co. Louth in 2017. We have been in the piano business for more than 30 years looking after and supplying our customers with pianos all across Ireland. We are open 7 days weekly and welcome everyone to our showroom always.

David McClean

David is founder and Managing Director of Precision Pianos, a family run business established over 25 years. Graduated from College in Edinburgh in 1990, qualified as a tuner and technician and as a Member of Musical Instrument & Technology (M.M.I.T). David's piano expertise and passion is well recognised throughout Ireland as his family trade and tradition is spread across many family generations. Each instrument that leaves our showroom represents the seal of excellence which Precision Pianos strives to provide to all our customers.

David has prepared and tuned concert instruments for many visiting international concert pianists, he also tunes all our concert hires